Aahh … Dessert!

So you’ve just finished your meal (delicious, wasn’t it!) and you find out that
tonight you’ve chosen a restaurant that doesn’t serve dessert. Know why?…
because there are bakeries in the North End that cater specifically to your
sweet tooth. There’s Mikes, Modern, Maria’s, Bovas (open 24 hours) and Lulus
(we love her caramel sea salt cupcake). Be sure to try them all … each having
their own style, presentation and flavors.

Some restaurants do serve dessert. We’ve tried many of them.

There’s the Pineapple Upside Down Cake from Lucca ….
or the Creme Brulee from Tresca.



Or, you can relish the Cannoli from Villa Francesca, …
or the Torta Amaretto from Cantina Italiana.

There are lots more and each is a delight for the eye and the palette.

Then, there’s the Gelato.  Aaah … Gelato.  Try DePasquale’s Gelateria or the peach (one of our favorites) from Caffe Paradiso … and while you’re there … try an espresso to round out the evening.  Enjoy!