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Al Dente Restaurant

From Yelp:  4 Stars from 103 reviews as of 4/11/2011

What’s a good place to eat before a concert/sports game/event at the Garden?  Al Dente. Little known fact its translates as “bomb” in Italian.

Before attending a show by the legends Rod Stewart & Stevie Nicks (jealous?) my lil Buonomes and I trotted down the slim streets of the North End in quest of a legit pre-game meal. With the help of Yelp, Al Dente was our spot.

We came in an hour and a half before the concert’s scheduled start and the place was starting to fill up with kindred fans. Picture jean tuxedos, flowing scarves, velvet and feathered hair-do’s. It was awesome. We were seated promptly by a gentleman (ie baller in a leather jacket acting as host) and given italian bread & butter.

Our waitress, Angela, was superb. She seemed like a no-nonsense kind of gal who flawlessly attended pretty much the entire restaurant. We both ordered a glass of Riesling and split the caprese salad & gnocchi quattro formaggio. I highly recommend all of the above including sharing since portions are huge. The entire meal was delicious and just enough. At the end Angela, being too legit to quit, gave everyone a limoncello shot as a salut. Nice touch.

Grazie, Al Dente. Grazie.