Boston Magazine’s Best Eateries: Two from the NorthEnd

Boston, MA (November 04, 2011) – Two restaurants from Boston’s
North End have made it in to Boston Magazine’s respected list of
best eateries in Boston in their November issue.

Boston magazine’s expert staff visited hundreds of restaurants in
and around Boston to present readers with the a list of the absolute
best restaurants the Boston area has to offer, be it high-end, casual,
veteran or upstart dining.

The North End’s own Neptune Oyster was featured in this year’s
Best Restaurants issue. It’s worth leaving your cell phone number,
lingering in the area, and waiting for your seat to order those hot
fried clams and butter-drizzled lobster roll. Just don’t forget to
order the oysters, there’s a reason it’s part of the restaurants

Prezza of the North End was also part of the list this year.
Shift from seafood to meat to get the best dishes here. Anything off
the wood grill is delicious, hearty and full of flavor.

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