Cantina Italiana: Yelp Comments

Overall, Yelp comments equal 3.5 stars

Chris C.; Somerworth NH 4 stars

I had the veal scallopini with a glass of chianti……awesome…..but then I had the Tirmisu with a cappuccino. I was very glad I decided to try it here, as I was debating wether to go to Milke’s for dessert. It was absolute HEAVEN! The best I have tried anywhere.

Judy D; Carefree, AZ  1 star

Worst Italian red sauce I have EVER had! No flavor and the dessert was even worse if that could even be possible! Good bread and salad, but that was about it.

Michelle T., Boston, MA  3 stars

Food tasted good, menu was pretty classic, service was great, but overall value was just not…there.
There was a 30 minute wait at 8:30pm on Saturday, which was fine. Immediately after we were seated, we were served delicious fresh chewy and fluffy bread with olive oil.  We ordered the seafood crostini, which was AWESOME. I would come back just to order this twice and eat both of them as an entree, though I’d say it could use some salt or chili pepper.
We ordered a house special seafood penne pasta, which had pasta that was overcooked, though flavors were good. The better pasta dish was the lobster and crab pasta, with house-made pasta. Sadly, it was WAY underdone, probably because the pasta was HUGE and cut at different sizes. Both the entrees were ~$28.

Nan S.  Somerville, MA  4 stars

Best pasta I’ve had in Boston thus far. I got the Bombolotti alla Buongustaia, and it was the best pasta I have tasted in so long. This is the description of it on their website “Homemade Bombolotti pasta, tossed with spicy Italian sausage, fresh basil and marinara sauce, topped with parmigiano and fresh goat cheese, baked to perfection”.  Usually after reading such a mouth-watering description, one often gets disappointed at the real thing, but not in this case.  It tasted so fresh and was hot, and the goat cheese went so well with the sauce and sausages. I loved the combination.
Their complimentary bread was hard and cold though. Although we had reservations for the night, we had to wait awhile. Our waiter was very attentive to our needs when we sat down. However, it was Valentine’s day…. he told us about this bottle of wine and said normally for the bottle it costs $70 but today the restaurant was having a special for it for $45. I looked up the retail price online, and it’s only about $17 for a bottle that is a year older than the one we had. I guess I should have known because restaurants hike up the price all the time esp. during V-day, but I didn’t like that he had to lie to us about that. For blatantly lying, I am only giving this place 4 stars and not 5 stars.
PS) If you’re going on some special holiday (e.g. Valentine’s Day), you better make RSVPs fast!

Allison S., Dorchester, MA  3 stars

We came here on a Saturday night, and we were so glad that we made reservations! The bar was jam-packed full of people waiting for a table and we walked right past them and sat right away. They really pack the tables in there – my chair was right up against the chair of a man sitting behind me and I felt a little bit trapped at the table.
There are some cheesy murals on the walls and the candles are fake – they did a good job with the “fake ambiance”. The waitress was kind of distracted and kept popping up and disappearing before finally taking our order. We also waited a while for bread to arrive at the table.  Once the food came, it was good, but nothing super special. I definitely learned some new types of pastas from their menu, which was VERY extensive (and maybe a little bit too much so).
We had the fried calamari with hot peppers as a starter, and as a main course, I ordered the fusilli with marinara sauce with four different cheeses baked in the oven. Both were tasty.  It was pretty good and I would consider return again, but probably not on a Saturday night.

Matt W., Boston, MA  4 stars

Sure it’s gaudy on the outside.  I mean, come on, who would choose the flashing neon as their first choice on Hanover street.  But the Italian cuisine is on par with the rest of the North End!  This would be a good place to bring out of town guests who want the North End experience.  This is by far NOT the best restaurant in the north end.  That being said, it is still pretty darned good.  I agree with Brenden.  Whenever we go, we always enjoy it, but have a hard time figuring out why… maybe it’s something in their water…
The downside is making a reservation.  Basically, it reduces your wait time by 5 minutes.  Nothing pisses me off more than making a reservation, and showing up on-time, only to have them seat everyone who is waiting for a table before they seat you because they don’t want to piss them off.  Other than that… and the kind of pricey menu, it is just plain good.
Recommended for:  visiting friends and relatives who want a canned north end experience (finish with cappuccino and tiramisu at Cafe Vittoria).  Not recommended for:  Romantic first dates (even though this is the first “Boston date” I took my girlfriend (now wife) on.  She married me so she couldn’t have thought it was THAT bad.