Fox-TV Kitchen Nightmares’ Chef Gordon Ramsay revisited Davide Restaurant on Tuesday, July 5th in the North End. Deborah Gesualdi, wife of Davide proprietor Anthony Gesualdi, shares some photos from the event including a special guest!

The Gesualdi’s (Anthony and Deborah) are big Bruins fans, so Chef Ramsay brought in Shawn Thornton from the Bruins to present a jersey, signed by the whole team. Many North End neighbors along with other Davide fans came in for dinner during the visit.

Chef Ramsey was impressed with Davide as are many folks in the North End.  Visit their website for a look at their menu.

To catch the first episode of Kitchen Nightmares featuring the North End’s Davide Restaurant? Watch it online: http://www.fox.com/kitchennightmares/full-episodes/803792923001/davide