In the Shadow of Old North

Welcome to Boston’s North End … where the past meets the present…where history sometimes collides with traffic … where saints, sinners and everything in between have lived and continue to live.  To learn more about our neighborhood (that you didn’t find in your school textbooks) take a few moments to read our various articles and historical stories.

For those of you looking for something to pique your interest (as you peruse our many restaurants and shops) be sure to check out our:

Women Carry Ice (1928)

North End History Series:  where you can learn of the Irish, Jewish and Italian immigrants who gave this neighborhood its character, flavor and anchored this neighborhood to Boston forever.  Read of the flight from Old North, of the tunnels under the streets and other tantalizing tidbits.

Tales and Anecdotes:  stories to amuse, entertain and just inform.  From the past to the people who live and work in the neighborhood today.

Religious Societies: coming from all parts of Italy and Sicily, many Religious Societies were founded in the North End. The North End Societies sponsor the neighborhood’s famous Italian Feasts.

Today:  Stories of people and sometimes the issues which make this neighborhood vibrant with color and passion.

Then, when you realize you want to know more, take one of the many North End Neighborhood Tours.

Enjoy our North End.