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Religious Societies

Madonna Di Anzano

The image of the Madonna was discovered 400 years ago in a small village known as Anzano. It all began one day when a young farmer’s cow wandered away. As the farmer was searching for it, he happened upon some shrubs. As he got closer, he noticed a beam of light shining through. Read the full story at the web site of Madonna Di Anzano.

Societá San Giuseppe DiRiesi Saint Joseph Society
467 Hanover Street Boston, MA 02113 Tel. 617-720-1368 (Established 1925)

The Saint Joseph’s Society originated in 1925 at the instigation of North End Italian immigrants and their descendants from the Riesi area of Cantana, Italy. Tradition has it that Saint Joseph was much older than Mary. He was a carpenter and apparently did not seek the limelight. He did what he had to do and what he knew was the right thing to do. He unquestionably married Mary when she was with Child and he unquestionably fled to Egypt and remained there with Mary and the baby Jesus until it was safe to return. Click here for the full story at the St. Joseph’s Society website.


St. Agrippina Di Mineo Society
459 Hanover Street Boston, MA 02113 (Founded 1914)

Saint Agrippina Di Mineo was a beautiful blond princess who was unmercifully tortured to death by the Emperor Valerian in 256 AD. After her death, her body was taken from Rome to Mineo, Sicily, by three holy women; Bassa, Paula and Agatonica. The story of their journey is full of the miraculous. Click here for the full story.


Madonna Della Cava Society
3 Battery Street Boston, MA 02109 Tel.617-523-8842

In the early 13th century, in the village of Trapani, in the northwest corner of Sicily lived a young mute boy. He had lost the ability to speak at birth. One night, the Madonna Della Cava visited him in a dream. She said to him: “Come in and uncover me from the ground”. The Madonna told the young boy where she lay buried, in the nearby town of Ronzi in the central province of Enna. The next morning, the boy awoke and tried to tell his mother about his dream. But the mother dismissed his story, thinking it to be only his imagination. Click here for the full story of Madonna Della Cava.


The Fisherman’s Society – Madonna Del Soccorso di Sciacca Society of Boston
11 Lewis Street Boston, MA 02113 (Fisherman’s Club)

The Fisherman’s Feast is an annual event that began in Boston in 1911 and is based on a tradition that goes back to the 16th century in Sciacca Sicily. The Feast is based on the devotion of the fishermen from Sciacca to the Madonna del Soccorso (Our Lady of Help). When the fishermen immigrated to America in the early 1900’s, they brought their traditions with them. The current Feast is organized by the descendants of those original immigrants and still includes a procession of the Madonna through the streets of the North End. Click here to visit the Fisherman’s Feast Society web site.


San Antonio Di Padova Da Montefalcione, Inc.
201-203 Endicott Street Boston, MA 02113 (Founded 1919)

Saint Anthony’s Feast is celebrated each year in the North End of Boston on the weekend of the last Sunday of August. Begun by Italian immigrants from Montefalcione, Italy, in 1919, it has become the largest Italian Religious Festival in New England. Italian foods, religious services, parades, festivities, games and live music and entertainment highlight this exceptional Feast on the beautifully-decorated Endicott and Thatcher streets in the heart of Boston’s historic North End. Click here to visit the Saint Anthony’s Feast web site.


Maria delle Grazie Society
Boston, MA 02113

The Madonna Della Grazie (Mother Of Grace) Society was founded in 1903 and remains one of the oldest religious feasts in the Boston’s North End. Our Madonna is from a small town in Italy called San Sossio, Baronia. Each year, immigrants from our town as well as old and new members hold an annual procession the second Sunday of July along the streets of Boston’s North End starting from St. Leonard’s Church, where our beloved Madonna permanently resides. Click here for the society’s Facebook page.



St. Lucy Society
201-203 Endicott Street Boston, MA 02113 (Founded 1920)
Click here to visit the Saint Lucy Society web site



Santa Rosalia Di Palermo Society
Sacred Heart Parish North Square Boston, MA 02113 (Founded in 1939)


Society of St. Jude Thaddeus of Boston
328 Hanover Street Boston, MA 02113