My Favorite Dish for April 9: Tresca

We are pleased to offer this new source for your dining experience … the Favorite Dishes for Chefs and Restaurant Owners in our North End neighorhood.  Every week or so, the “favorite” dish will change.  Be sure to check back regularly.

Who knows … their Favorite Dish just might become yours.

This week we highlight Tresca


Spend your evening in a Tuscan styled villa with its cozy wood bar, exceptional meals and a glass of wine from one of the North End’s most extensive wine lists.  And if the ambience needs that little something extra for you, try their second floor balcony.  The combination between the atmosphere and the food is divine.


Meet Jake Pease, Executive Chef.

Now the owners, the General Manger and other friendly helpful staff keep the restaurant top-notch and humming.  But … who do you think get’s the credit for the food, glorious food …   why Jake of course.

Now as to his Favorite?    It’s the Tagliatelle Bolognese, Tresca’s signature dish.   … a traditional northern style veal and pork ragout enriched with pancetta and tomatoes.

As they say in this neighborhood, mange, mange.