“My Favorite Dish” for December 7: Villa Francesca

We are pleased to offer this new source for your dining experience … the Favorite Dishes for Chefs and Restaurant Owners in our North End neighorhood.  Every week or so, the “favorite” dish will change.  Be sure to check back regularly.

Who knows … their Favorite Dish just might become yours.

 This week, we highlight Villa Francesca.


Villa Francesca is located at 150 Richmond Street in our North End neighborhood. When you click on their logo to the left, it will take you to their website so you can read their entire menu. As you read, you’ll note that they believe in “creating amazing Italian food that can cater to all your Boston events needs.  Enjoy an intimate candlelit night, come by for lunch, or order from our special events menu and bring the whole office and we will make your experience a time to remember.  You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a Tuscany restaurant.  Don’t just take our word for it; check out our Prix Fixe 3-course menus available every night!”

Let us introduce Ferrnando Peveira, Executive Chef. If you see him while dining, be sure to stop him, say hello and share your thoughts on own meal.

Ferrnando Peveira’s Favorite Dish at Villa Francesca: CIOPPINO:    A mixed seafood of clams, mussels, calamari, fish and shrimp in a marinara sauce.

Be sure to check back in several weeks and look for Villa Francesca’s Cioppino in our column “Virtual Table.”  We’ll share his receipe.

For more “insider” information on dining in the North End, please visit our “Virtual Table.”  We’ll be sharing “meals” with courses from multiple restaurants, plus pictures and the recipes.  While you may or may not want to try some of them at home, we believe that understanding what goes into your meal, may just enhance your dining experience.  Mange!


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