My Favorite Dish for February 3: Pauli’s

We are pleased to offer this new source for your dining experience … the Favorite Dishes for Chefs and Restaurant Owners in our North End neighorhood.  Every week or so, the “favorite” dish will change.  Be sure to check back regularly.

Who knows … their Favorite Dish just might become yours.

This week, we highlight Pauli’s


Pauli’s is located at 65 Salem Street.  (857-284-7064)  They have a large menu of what many would call comfort food.  It’s satisfying, tasty and it is served up by a friendly, neighborly staff.  You can sit in the restaurant and savor one of the day’s special deals, order takeout, or hire them to cater your next get-together.  Are you all set for the Super Bowl?  How about that next ‘working’ lunch.  Pauli’s is a great idea.


Now, here’s Pauli.   On Pauli’s website he says:  “I started working in the North End in my family’s food businesses when I was just eight years old. Back then, the North End was a neighborhood where everybody actually knew your name, and “freshness, quality and value” weren’t just trendy catch phrases—they were simply expected.

Today, Pauli’s is based on that same philosophy. We believe you deserve food that’s always served wicked fresh, that always tastes crazy good and that doesn’t cost a lot of money. At Pauli’s, you’ll find the comfort food you crave, the healthy options you want and the variety you need, all for an excellent value.  So come on in. We’d love to get to know you by name.”

Now as to his Favorite Dish?  It’s the Vito’s Sub.  (We had it for lunch the other day and agree that it’s quite delicious.)  Vito’s Sub is a chicken cutlet, imported ham, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, roasted red peppers and chipotle mayo.  (yum).

Please consider dropping by Pauli’s and tasting one of his specials.  Let the man know you’re a local … or at least that you want to be … now that you’ve tasted one of his sandwiches.