My Favorite Dish for June 1: Cantina Italiana

We are pleased to offer this new source for your dining experience … the Favorite Dishes for Chefs and Restaurant Owners in our North End neighorhood.  Every week or so, the “favorite” dish will change.  Be sure to check back regularly.

Who knows … their Favorite Dish just might become yours.

This week we highlight Cantina Italiana

Cantina Italiana has been serving generations of families, locals and tourists in the North End since 1931.  Folks at Cantina know …. because people tell them … that “People crave the taste of our food. Some say their mouths water just thinking about eating here. That’s why when we change even the slightest thing, they let us know it. ”  According to Cantina, “Some things should stay just as they are.”



Meet Executive Chef, Charles Colella.  Born in a small town in south of Italy, Torre le Nocelle, Avellino, Charles Colella whom most know as “Chuck” went to the Academy of Culinary of Modena. Afterwards he served as a chef and pastry chef. He says his inspiration was his brother, owner and chef, Fiore Colella of Cantina Italiana and Ristorante Fiore. He has been working for his brother for over 25 years he embraces every day of it. He says he learns something new every day. That is how Chuck has become one of the most preferred chefs in the North End and is asked for by many repeat customers day to day.


Now as to his favorite dish, its the Lasagna al Forno.  Delicious layers of homemade pasta sheets with besciamela and meat sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese and baked to perfection.