Nico – from Yelp

Nico …. from Yelp

3.5 stars as of April 2011

I could have stopped at the appetizers and I still would have given this place a great review. The service was excellent. Our waiter was consistently checking on us, making suggestions, and keeping our drinks filled. I dropped my knife at one point and I swear six people immediately came over to help me, it was great. The caprese salad was out of control amazingly good. We also had the arancini with red sauce. Now, normally I don’t like to order tomato sauce when I am out because I have an Italian grandmother at home who can cook it for me, but I love arancini so I gave it a shot. Let me tell you, I thought my Nonna was in the back cooking the sauce! It was amazing and delicious. For dinner I had rissotto with scallops which was amazing and my boyfriend had some pasta dish with seafood that I had a bit of envy over because the handmade pasta looked so amazing. It was great and I definitly plan on going again. I may even order something with tomato sauce next time.

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