The North End: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know … its Right Here!!

The Feasts will soon be here. People will crowd the streets — celebrating the neighborhood, its people and its heritage.  But you’re special.  You want to join in the festivities, but you want to know more.  Sure, you know enough about the neighborhood to be here during feast time and to visit  the Paul Revere House but …

Did you know this neighborhood used to be Irish? Do you know when and how John Child’s flew from the steeple of Old North? Do you know the difference between sfogliatelle and taralli? Do you know how Italians adapted their dishes to their new country creating the familiar Italian-American cuisine?

Well your visit to our North End neighborhood will sound, smell and taste Italian. But if you want to know more … to get behind the scenes and truly understand the complexity, the vibrance and the depth of its history, then it’s time for you to visit the neighborhood with one of its two most popular residents.

Your first stop should be the North End Secret Tour from Old Boston Tours. North End resident Michelle Mario and her team will let you in on all the secrets of the neighborhood. From saints and sinners, patriots and pirates, anarchy, attitude and women who changed the world. Touring the North End with Old Boston Tours will help you understand that the North End is a “state of mind, surrounded by water on three sides.” You’ll learn something fascinating, funny, and just plain unforgettable.


Then you should consider the Boston Food Tours “North End Market Tour” with resident Michele Topor.  Michele and her team will share their passion for the food and wine of Italy on this one-of-a-kind, five-senses-alive, walking cooking class. All the while you’ll enjoy the colorful sights, the tantalizing aromas and authentic tastes of America’s most vibrant Italian neighborhood.

So, ready, set, tour!  Visit our neighborhood like a pro.  Eat, learn, explore.   Enjoy!