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Virtual Table for July 19: Bricco, Pasta e Pomodoro, DePasquale Pasta


Welcome to our neighborhood’s Virtual Table.  Every few weeks we will present you with a menu comprised of special dishes from some of the best restaurants in Boston … all here in the North End. As you read below, you’ll see that we present you with the name of the dish, that you can “click” on the restaurant logo to visit their own website and menus and that each restaurant has graciously shared  the recipe.

Now, here is this Edition’s Menu.

Primi:         Pasta e Pomodor presents Crab Cakes
Entree:       Bricco presents Veak Ossobuco
Dessert:     DePasquale Pasta presents Chocolate Fettuccine

Crab Cakes from Pasta e Pomodoro


Crab Cakes

Combine crab meat with bread crumbs, your choice of mixed herbs and one egg. Pan fry until cooked and golden brown.  Place in oven for ten minutes to finish and then present on a puree of cooked yellow peppers, a bed of sauteed baby spinach and roasted red peppers as garnish.


Veal Ossobuco from Bricco



Veal Ossobuco

Sear the ossobuco on both sides. Saute the mire poix (carrot, onion, celery).  Place both in an oven dish with peeled tomatoes, evaporated white wine and porcini mushrooms.  Braise at 325 for (plus/minus) two hours or until the meal is falling from the bone.  Blend the pan sauces and serve with wilted spinach and saffron risotto. 


Chocolate Fettuccine from DePasquale Pasta

Chocolate Fettuccine

This recipe serves four.
1-1/2 pounds Chocolate Fettuccine; 1 pound strawberries, 1 cup good balsamic vinegar, 1 cup sugar.

Add strawberries to a skillet with enough water to cover, add sugar and reduce.  Once a soft mixture is formed, add the balsamic vinegar and reduce again.  While mixture is reducing, boil water for pasta, cook pasta following package directions.  Drain and add pasta to balsamic mixture and serve with a garnish of mint leaves.

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