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Virtual Table for June 1: Fiore, Pasta e Pomodoro & Villa Francesca


Welcome to our neighborhood’s Virtual Table.  Every few weeks we will present you with a menu comprised of special dishes from some of the best restaurants in Boston … all here in the North End. As you read below, you’ll see that we present you with the name of the dish, that you can “click” on the restaurant logo to visit their own website and menus and that each restaurant has graciously shared  the recipe.

Now, here is this Edition’s Menu.

Primi:         Fiore presents Lobster & Baby Shrimp Ravioli
Entree:       Villa Francesca presents Ciopino
Dessert:     Pasta e Pomodoro presents Gateau Chocolate

Lobster & Baby Shrimp Ravioli from

Lobster and Baby Shrimp Raviolis

Lay out pasta sheets, cut them into 2-1/2 inch circles and set aside.  Saute olive oil, lobster meat and baby shrimp in a frying pan for 4 minutes.  Let cool for 5 minutes and then cut into bit size pieces.  Then combine lobster meat, baby shrimp, basil, parsley, and mascarpone cheese and mix well in a bowl to complete the ravioli filling.  Next, brush pasta sheets with water using a pastry brush.  Pour ravioli filling from the bowl into a pastry bag with a small hole cut in the corner.  Place a small amount of filling in the center of each pre-cut pasta sheet.  Fold over pasta sheet to make a half circle, making sure that pasta is sealed along the edges.  Cook raviolis in boiling water for three minutes.

Brandy and Porcini Mushroo Sauce:  Saute butter, mushrooms, brandy and cream in a frying pan for 4 minutes.

When raviolis and sauce are finished cooking, add raviolis to the sauce pan and saute together for another minute.  Plate ravilolis, top with brandy sauce and serve.


Cioppino from Villa Francesca


Saute garlic in olive oil.  Add seafood in the following order:  fish and clams, marinara sauce, white wine.  Add last:  the calamari, mussels and shrimp.


Gateau Chocolate from Pasta e Pomodoro

Gateau Chocolate

So, we searched high and low for this recipe.  Perhaps we mis-filed it.  Perhaps the chef didn’t include it with their selection of recipes.  We decided to add it to the Virtual Table anyway.  Just look at it.  Isn’t it the most gorgeous, most delectable, “have to have that now” chocolate treat?  You just know it will be dense and rich and mouth wateringly divine.  We’ll work on getting this recipe up as soon as possible.

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