Virtual Table for Week of December 27: Villa Francesca, Mare and Caffe Paradiso


Welcome to our neighborhood’s Virtual Table.  Every few weeks we will present you with a menu comprised of special dishes from some of the best restaurants in Boston … all here in the North End. As you read below, you’ll see that we present you with the name of the dish, that you can “click” on the restaurant logo to visit their own website and menus and that each restaurant has graciously shared  the recipe.

Now, here is this Edition’s Menu.

Primi:          Villa Francesca presents their Lobster Ravioli
Entree:         Mare presents their Sea Bass
Dessert:       Caffe Paradiso presents their Gelato


Lobster Ravioli from Villa Francesca

Lobster filled ravioli in a light cream sauce with minced shrimp and fresh dill.

Sautee garlic in a litte butter (no more than 20 seconds to avoid burning).  Add minced fresh shrimp.  Once cooked, add a little cream.  Add fresh chopped chives and dill and diced fresh tomato, plus a touch of Parmigiana cheese.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Once reduced and sauce is thick and a nice consistency, add to cooked lobster ravioli.

Roasted Sea Bass from Mare

Whole Roasted Sea Bass
Stuff fish with crushed garlic, rosemary, and lemon wedge.  Season outside of fish with salt, pepper, & extra virgin olive oil.  Grill on medium heat, moving the fish minimally to preserve skin.  Flip once using the tail and head.  Continue cooking on medium heat.  Fish should cook for a total of 8-10 minutes.  Serve with favorite sides.  We use Roasted Potatoes and Broccoli Rabe, but any seasonal vegetable is great.  Drizzle fish with extra-virgin olive oil and add a squeeze of lemon before serving.


Gelato from Caffe Paradiso

This gelato is delicious!  It has been rated “the best” by the Phantom Gourmet, the Boston Globe and the Best of Boston.  It is homemade and comes in many delectable and seasonal flavors.  Sorry though, we’re not sharing this recipe, you’ll just have to visit Caffe Paradiso to experience its creamy smooth texture as an end to a great North End meal.