Waterfront Cafe: What folks on Yelp are Saying

As of May 21, 2011, Waterfront Cafe has garnered 3.5 Stars from the comments on Yelp.

Karen K.  Boston, MA      4 STAR

The Waterfront Cafe is a neighborhood sports bar, stop trying to be anything else.  The burgers and steak tips are great!  Stay away from the appetizers, bland and boring.  Everytime I see people eating seafood here I get scared, maybe that’s just me but doesn’t seem like the place.??I love beer & I drink it quickly, if you are a girl and expect service make sure you sit at the bar or have a guy waiting on you because the waitresses will ignore you to the point of dehydration.

Marguerite W.  New York, NY      4 STAR

Good place to camp out for a sox or pats game!  ??The good is above average bar grub, the beer selection is less daunting then that of Sunset Grill (but still stocked with whatever you’re craving), and the drinks will get the job done!??The crowd is also notable; mixing all ages, etc!??Order a dish, grab a drink and make sure one of the 10+ TVs are visual from your table (not hard, don’t fret)!

Ben L.  Allston, MA        5 STAR

This place is the shizzy.  They have an atmosphere that is unmatched by any other bar in Boston.  It is laid back, hip an classy all in the same sip of grappa.  Indulge in their menu selections.  They have good options and you will suddenly feel like you are eating in a small restaraunt not a bar.  The beer selection is spot on.  It isn’t  the largest assortment around but it has the important ones.  If you are in the area and want to grab a brew and a bite this is not an option to overlook.?The straight-nice simple bar-but in the nice way.?What’s good-location is aces and it is nice while maintaining a local feel.?The slap-the layout can be a bit odd.

Steven T. New Haven, CT     2 STAR

I was there to watch the Pats game. Got in early at a table next to the waiter station and the bar. I faced the TV my friend faced the bar. We ordered mozz sticks, and poppers. The poppers were cheddar cheese and served with marinara sauce, they sucked.??My friend drinks liquor and she was disappointed at their selection of Gin and when I looked for their top shelf there was about 5 bottles total?out. ??As the night goes on more tables fill up. 2 patrons decided to stand in front of the waiter station and in my personal space. If I shifted in my seat I would hit the girl standing there. I looked down the bar and sure the seats were full but plenty of standing room. The content of the girls’ conversation made me want to go insane, and it was right in my ear. It was super obnoxious and we left. ??I feel bad for the waitress’s who had to keep asking them to step aside to get through and do their job.

Steve W.  Duxbury, MA    4 STAR

I’m a fan of The Waterfront.  While some of the food options could be better, I like the ambiance of the place and they have a good beer selection.  The pizza is surprisingly good, and definitely try the burger. It is pretty large, so usually I split it with my fiance.  One downside is the lack of hard liquor, but for a neighborhood spot it isn’t that big of a deal to me.  They have a pretty good TV setup but the seating is a little cramped, especially around the Golden Tee machine where you can barely play if people are sitting nearby.??If you’re looking for a local place for a great burger and good beers, then Waterfront is a solid option.

For us … we find it comfortable … and definitely the place to be when there’s a game on.