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Welcome to Boston’s historic North End neighborhood! is the best place to find everything on the Web about everything in the North End. Whether you’re looking for one of our 86+ restaurants, a location to park, a place to shop in our unique stores and spanking new boutiques, neighborhood news or over three centuries of history – you will find is the place to go.

The North End is many things to many people. It always will be. And as author David McCord has written in About Boston (1948):

“The North End! A queer composite, this slope of land, with its dockside teeth biting into the harbor and the very hide of it bristling with dark red clay and chimney pots. This is the real Boston; this is America, old and new. And it is rather comforting to remember that here in the house at the end of Sheafe Street once lived the author of some verses beginning “My country, ‘tis of thee.”

Welcome to Boston’s historic North End neighborhood!