What’s the deal with the North End?

Sure it’s a reprint of an Yelp review. I ran across this and just had to put it on our site: From a Yelp article by a Jessica R. from Boston, MA:

“The reason the neighborhood is laden with so many tourists in the summer is because it is MAGICAL.  Why do I love my neighborhood so much?

The sound of the North End church bells waking me up when I sleep with windows open.

The fact that sometimes I go downstairs to get a coffee and find a marching band composed of little old men.  Or someone strolling down the street playing their accordion.  Or a small parade is taking place.  Or instead of going to CVS to buy toilet paper you end up playing carnival games for 20 minutes and eating funnel cake and italian ice because you have discovered the end of Hanover has been closed off for a carnival on a random Friday night.

All the old ladies and gents hanging out on their lawn chairs or park benches.  The whole place is very community oriented.

Ridiculous amounts of quality italian food, pizza, espresso, coffee, gelato and pastries within less than a minute of walking distance year round.

The fruit/veggie market at Haymarket.

Christmas lights somehow managing to look appropriate strewn on the trees 12 months out of the year.

St. Leonard’s peace garden.

Copps Hill graveyard.

A bevy of random parks (including one with A PUBLIC POOL costing only $10/summer).

You can leave your laundry sitting in the washer or dryer at the local laundromat without having to worry someone will steal your clothes if you don’t stay to keep an eye on them.

The feasts!  I can’t even keep track of all of them and as long as you don’t live on Hanover St. they aren’t disrupting if you just want to skip them.

So actually, please don’t move to my neighborhood.  Don’t do it.  I want everyone to think it is horribly inconvenient to get to and constantly crawling with tourists so that it doesn’t get overly popular and everything stays just as it is.”

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