Christina DeFalco

Scarf by Christina DeFalco

For many in the North End, Christina is a “friend.” To the rest of world she is a secret window into the wonderful world of fashion design from the unpredictable life journey of the designer herself. Here you will be able to follow the travels of Christina, see the inspiration for her creations, and take for yourself a part of the process that will enrich your life and make you part of the mystery. Christina designed all the 2010 collection while living in Rome, Italy. Many of the dresses were sketched from the benches in the Borghese Gardens and the linen pieces were conceived in the House of the Vestal Virgins in the Roman forum on a day the sun was so hot you needed an umbrella.

Fiore Fiorentini

In the search for peace of mind, Christina found beauty hidden in unpredictable places….take a look.into the world of fashion.