Polcaris – from Yelp


From Yelp:  5 Stars from 56 reviews as of 4/11/2011
One of my favorite places in the entire city. Their prices here are great – and you can get spices by weight! That way, if you only need a tiny bit of juniper berries or something weird like that, you can get as little as you need. I bought candied citron here over Christmas and made lemon citron sugar cookies and they were fantastic. They also have 00 flour! I wasn’t crazy impressed with the Vienna Roast coffee beans, unfortunately. And the only thing is, sometimes it gets crowded on the weekends, particularly when a tour group is standing in the tiny space and people are waiting in line. If you want to do some browsing or ask questions, it’s not the best time to do it. If you can get there at a nice quiet time, though, the counter guys are great.

Still, I love this place so much even the fact that they don’t take cards isn’t enough to knock a star off for me.