Saus 33

Do yourself a favor.  Step across the Greenway and visit a soon-to-be local favorite at Saus (33 Union Street). While nearly everyone on the planet takes comfort in Pomme Frites (French Fries for the uninitiated or mono-lingual), the new twist is a European standard – multiple sauces for dipping.

Out of the gate, my early favorite is the Samurai Saus (chili paste and mayo) but the recently promoted Green Monster is making many friends with its sweet salsa start and a jalepeño finish. The tasters with me also tried the Ole Chipotle (hot peppers and mayo) as well as the Cheddar and Duvel, which throws a memory of  fondue tourines to everyone who I asked.

I’d suggest taking at least four people and getting two sauces per person. The staff is always wondering how to improve the sauces and solicit your feedback. Periodic voting among staff and friends elevates some sauces to the top 10 board and a featured exposure to a very receptive public.

If you have any expat Canadians or Quebecois, Poutine is also offered duty-free. While I think the curds could be more squeaky, odds are you’ll think they’re pretty tasty. Most of the menu is perfect for apres boozing, but if you are up for a late day  brunch, they serve Belgian Waffles with very tasty options for the sweet tooth in you.
It took them a while, but I say, welcome to the neighborhood.

New! Saus at 33 Union

By Matt.