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My Favorite Dish for February 3: Pauli’s

We are pleased to offer this new source for your dining experience … the Favorite Dishes for Chefs and Restaurant Owners in our North End neighorhood.  Every week or so, the “favorite” dish will change.  Be sure to check back regularly. Who knows … their Favorite Dish just might become yours. This week, we highlight Pauli’s   Pauli’s […]

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Pauli’s has a “Special Deal”

  Pauli’s is located at 65 Salem Street. 857-284-7065 MEET PAUL — I started working in the North End in my family’s food businesses when I was just eight years old. Back then, the North End was a neighborhood where everybody actually knew your name, and “freshness, quality and value” weren’t just trendy catch phrases—they […]

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